Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Then there were Four....or make that six!

It has been far too long since I posted! Since my last post (4 years AGO!) shame on me! We had our fourth and final addition, our cherry on top!

Abigail Linda Bowman
August 25, 2014
8lb 4oz
19.5 inches

She will be 4 this year and has been pure JOY from the second she was born. We love our little Abby so much!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

8 is great!

Our little Veronica turned 8 on December 24th. Hard to believe that! She had been so excited to get baptised and was so ready for her big day. We baptized her on Saturday, Dec 28th so all our family who was visiting could come.

Because it wasn't on the usual first Saturday of the month and because the font takes so long to fill up, our stake president had an interesting idea. He knows some people at the fire station and had them come fill it up with the fire truck that morning! Needless to say she said the water was very made for a very memorable baptism and something we will always look back on with a smile.

It was such a special day with our family and friends. Scott performed the baptism and Veronica asked her Grandmas to give talks. Grandma Bowman spoke on Baptism and Grandma Smith spoke on the Holy Ghost. Her Grandpas were the witnesses and her, Isaac and her cousins sang "When I am baptized" for a special musical number.

Afterwards we had a brunch at our house with everyone.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Time marches on

It seems life gets so hectic and just passes by so quickly the older my kids get. I recall when Ronny was a baby and even Isaac I was able to add so much more to this blog of ours. I am going to really try to document things better for I know one day I will love looking back on this as will my kids. I hope to make a book of our blog too, one day.

Life marches on and we are all doing well. The kids keep getting bigger and some days I look at them and think "where has time gone" then my heart breaks a tiny bit because my babies are not really babies anymore. I guess that is perhaps why people keep having babies? I think so.

Veronica is in 2nd grade now and loves Science and reading. She does NOT like Math. The other day while doing homework she lamented to me - "this world is covered in Math and I am going to have to do it forrevvveerrrrr" with big tears rolling down her face. Poor thing, I had to hold back my chuckles. I know how she feels, I have never been a fan of math either.
She just finished basketball, jr jazz and was quite taken by it. We have found her sport, I think. Scott would take her to her games every Tuesday night and text me pictures and videos. One in particular was funny where she stole a basketball from one of the boys and ran it back with a layup. The poor kid collapsed on the court and couldn't seem to bring himself to get up as he watched a "girl" dribble back the ball that she had stole from him. :)

Isaac is in Kindergarten and loves school. He has an excitement for life that really is infectious. He is always happy and ready to go go go. I love that about him! Everyday just about, he will ask "what is tomorrow" I will say the day and he will say either "yes! school" or "boo no school!" I hope his attitude stays that way.
In just 2 weeks he will turn 6 years old, now that is hard to wrap my head around. It seems that he was just born. My golden haired baby....all the nurses said they had never seen a baby with hair colored like his, like gold. He is very excited about his Birthday and tells me a different kind of cake he wants every week. The latest request is a Batman cake. Last week was a cat cake (he loves cats)
He is in basketball right now too at the city recreation and enjoys it. He did soccer last fall and LOVED that and was quite good. I think it is a good sport for his high energy, non shy self!

Elijah is getting bigger too and will be 3 in July! He is such a sweet baby boy, yes I still call him my baby. His big brown eyes will melt just about anyone and he has such a kind personality. He is very calm for the most part although latley he has been having some first signs of the "twos" with fits and outburts of anger. It actually makes me laugh watching him usually and you just have to let him be then he will be happy fairly quickly after his little outburst.
He loves his big sister and brother and copies just about everything they do. He wants to be just like them and will follow them around wanting to play. They are so great with him and usually don't mind at all. He for sure is the youngest and a little spoiled - the older two kids don't like it if we get after him when he is being naughty, and will run to his defense saying "it's ok Elijah" It is pretty cute and warms my heart to see my kids love for one another.

I know these days are fleeting, everyone tells me that and the older I get the more I realize how true it is. Time does go by quickly. I think as Moms especially to young kids our days are so full that by the end of the day most days we are tired and ready for the night to come to get our "break" I know I do. I am trying to embrace these moments though, this phase of my life. I know I won't have it back and when it is gone I will miss it, miss it so much.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer fun ~ Part 2

While in Texas Elijah turned 2! We celebrated with donuts & gifts in the morning. That afternoon we went to the US Mint in Fort Worth with cousins to take a tour and see how money is made. Afterwards we ate at a yummy place called Sweet Sammies in downtown Forth worth.

Summer fun ~ Part 1

This summer has been so much fun we have been doing so much and now that school starts (tomorrow!) I figured I better start documenting it all now. First off, we went to Texas in June for a few weeks. I flew out solo with the kids then Scott came 3 days later (we all flew home together) It was so much fun being with cousins and Aunts and Uncles for 2 weeks straight! We also got to meet Ben & LeeAnnas new baby, the newest cousin, Olivia. As well as be there for her baby blessing. We went swimming tons with Bowman cousins and also went to Hurricane Harbor a big waterpark there in Dallas.
Here is the first part of the trip in pictures:

Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was so nice this year. We started the morning off reading the story of Easter to the kids. Then we went downstairs to make resurrection rolls (google it - it is a really great way to teach children about the resurrection in a way they can see and understand) Then off to check out their Easter baskets and hurry to get ready for 9am church! After church Becky came over and we had a fest. She and I made cute bunny cakes too. It was a beautiful day. I am so grateful to be alive. So grateful for my little family. So grateful we are together forever. And so grateful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice he made that makes this all possible.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It isn't often we get dressed up and go out so we had to document it. Love this man...and that little Isaac face in the corner. ;)

A little belated Valentines

Isaac turns 5!!

On March 16th my Isaac boy turned 5! Hard to believe he is already going to be in kindergarten this year. How time flies. He is really into polar bears latley so he asked for a polar bear cake & to go to the zoo to see the new polar bear exhibit! He loved every second of it. He is such a happy boy and so full of life and energy. He brings so much joy into our home and our family. We love you Isaac Scott!